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4 EZ Steps To Get Your EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL® Into The Hands Of Your Hottest Prospects:
Go to Target


Target your local or national prospects with an EDDM® postcard. Use this link to find your targeted mailing route. Enter the zip code or address, select “view by map” and you’ll have your EDDM® mailing route(s) within seconds! It’s that EZ!

Go to Design


Chase Press’ award-winning design team— Chase Creative Works — will custom-design your EDDM® to promote your marketing message while maintaining your brand. It’s like Madison Avenue design on Main Street.

Go to Print


Chase Press — a full-service printer in Yorktown Heights, NY — will print your EDDM® on USPS approved postcard paper, stock ready. Any questions along the way , our staff is always here to assist you –
call or email us!


Chase Press is a USPS preferred vendor chosen to deliver your EDDM® to the mailboxes along the carrier route(s)/zip code(s) you chose. We handle all the accreditation, registering and
delivery of your EDDM® postcard.

What Is EDDM®?

We Make Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) EZ.

EDDM® or Every Door Direct Mail® is an easy and affordable way to deliver your marketing message right into the hands of your hottest prospects!

Chase Press — a full-service printer located in Westchester County, NY — and USPS® brings you the ultimate marketing opportunity through direct mail. Extend your customer reach via saturation mail without the need for mailing lists, permits and all the associated fees. It’s like knocking on every door in the neighborhood with your special marketing message.

Do you want to target Underhill Avenue doctors' offices in Yorktown with your marketing message? Or how about the neighborhood that always orders pizza on Friday? you unbelievable rates! Whether your business is large or small, we can help you open the door to more business and reach who you want, when you want, where you want…without breaking the budget. Also check out our Community Mega Mailer - a great advertising solution for local businesses.
We make it EZ!

  • The percentage of professionals that consider direct mail to be "very effective"

  • The percentage of adults who
    prefer to read something on paper

  • The percentage a direct mail
    campaign boosts an advertiser's ROI

  • The redemption rate of coupons
    received through direct mail


Pricing & SIZING

Printed on 80# gloss paper, .25” margin with no bleed. Additional sizes available. Postage included.

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